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I'm not running this year, but Gretchen is.

Please see:

Gretchen Quarterman for Lowndes County Chairman

And Gretchen's campaign facebook page.

About John S. Quarterman

John S. Quarterman grows pine trees and gardens on the land he grew up on, in the north end of the county. The other day he and his wife Gretchen installed a couple of pipes through a beaver dam where the beavers were getting a little too ambitious upstream. They collaborate with neighbors such as Terry Davis and Jim Parker on local agriculture.

Quarterman was born in the former Little-Griffin Hospital in Valdosta and raised in Lowndes County. He attended Pine Grove Elementary and played in the band at Hahira Middle School and Lowndes High, as well as the Governor's Honors Program. He graduated from LHS in 1972 and from Harvard College in 1977. He had a successful career in computer software and networking, and he continues a part-time research project at the business school at the University of Texas at Austin. He is the fourth generation in Lowndes County, and the eighth in Georgia.

Quarterman's father was a farmer and his mother was a schoolteacher at Pine Grove Elementary; he visited them frequently on Quarterman Road. Gretchen and John were married on the family farm in 1993. They settled permanently back here in 2007, where he now focuses on natural reforestation and farming. Naturally the first time he used his tractor, he got it stuck on a stump. Three neighbors came by a few days later and showed him a new way to get it loose. Recently a neighbor called to ask him to come pull two cars out a cotton field, so of course he did. He often posts about such topics in the blog Canopy Roads of South Georgia.

Both Quartermans have attended most county commission meetings since 2007, as well as meetings of the Planning Commission, and of the Valdosta and Hahira City Councils. They frequently participate with oral and written comments, as well as by encouraging others to participate.


About Gretchen Quarterman

Bud, Jane, Gretchen, JSQ, LHQ, DSQ Gretchen Quarterman, a local political participant, is John S. Quarterman's campaign manager for the Democratic nomination for primary, and then for the general election.

Mrs. Quarterman is an appointee on the Zoning Board of Appeals. She also attends almost every meeting of the Greater Lowndes Planning Commission, and attends open houses by planning organizations such as the Metropolitan Planning Organization. She frequently sends in feedback. She is a member of the Valdosta Civic Roundtable.

Both Quartermans have already been influential in getting the county to preserve tree canopies on roads, and have successfully petitioned the county to resume sending letters to adjacent landowners for rezoning cases. The Quartermans are two of the organizers of the Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE), which promotes citizen dialog for transparent process by reporting in videos and blogs on local goverment meetings and related topics.

While they prefer to live quietly in the woods, the Quartermans get in the news from time to time.